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Powerful Thinking Guide Goes Dutch with Green Events NL

The Powerful Thinking Guide 2017, launched earlier this year, will be translated into Dutch by Green Events Netherlands and hosted on a new database on sustainability for Dutch festival organisers created by Lab Vlieland. The translation will be announced at the ADE Green conference later this month.

The Guide was first published in 2012 and updated this year to provide event professionals with up-to-date knowledge and practical resources to help manage temporary energy smartly, reducing environmental impacts and fuel bills. It is arranged as a collection of modular resources, factsheets and case studies that are also available online. The edition is European in focus, reflecting both the progress being made across Europe on this topic, and the partners involved with the guide’s content.

“Green Events Nederland is very pleased that we could help to increase the accessibility to the Powerful Thinking guide by translating this valuable resource into the Dutch language.” Green Events NL Paul Schurink

Powerful Thinking to Launch Sustainable Supplier List

A key factor in the journey to more sustainable events is finding power suppliers who are also committed to finding sustainable solutions.

To help build a community of suppliers and event organisers with aligned values, Powerful Thinking is compiling a list which highlights the many UK suppliers that offer sustainable approaches and equipment.

We intend to host inventory of suppliers as an online resource for event professionals, and also to signpost it from the recently launched online Powerful Thinking Guide 2017.

The supplier list will be shared directly with the 50 plus Vision Festivals, that have pledged to work together to reduce their environmental impacts, and with our wider database of over 2,500 event professionals.

To find out how to be part of the Powerful Thinking Supplier List contact: bethan@powerful-thinking.org.uk

Powerful Thinking Guide Launched at GEI9

Powerful Thinking launched their latest guide to Smart Energy for Festivals and Outdoor Events at the Green Events and Innovations Conference (GEI9) hosted by A Greener Festival at the ILMC on 7th March.

Chair of Powerful Thinking, Chris Johnson, presented event professionals and delegates at GEI9 with the new Powerful Thinking Guide, an up-to-date knowledge and practical resources to help them manage temporary energy smartly, reducing environmental impacts and fuel bills at events.

Since the first edition of the guide in 2012 a significant shift towards more efficient energy management has taken place in the events industry. Events are typically able to save between 10% and 50% of their fuel consumption and the guide uses case studies of recent events to illustrate how and where this has been achieved to inspire and guide event organisers in achieving similar results. The guide is created from a collection of modular resources, factsheets, case studies and templates, which are also available as standalone resources online.

The guide was co-written by members of the Powerful Thinking steering group with leading European energy consultants, advisers and festival organisers under the direction of lead author Chris Johnson, Chair of Powerful Thinking and Operations Director of Shambala Festival. Key contributors include: Chiara Badiali (Julie’s Bicycle), Paul Schurink (ZAP Concepts), Sid Rogerson (Entersys), Tim Benson (ZAP Concepts UK), Sjoerd Schouten (Watt-Now), Shaun Pearce (Production Services Association) and Liz Warwick (Lansdowne Warwick).

The Powerful Thinking Guide can be downloaded as a PDF from the Powerful Thinking Website: http://www.powerful-thinking.org.uk/resources/powerful-thinking-guide-2017/ ­­­

Standalone resources can be found here: Factsheets and Case studies.