Fact sheets

This series of bite-size fact sheets aims to provide useful advice and resources for anyone involved in working in festivals from organisers to traders.

#1 – Sustainable Energy Tips for Traders

Ideas about how to manage energy better, save costs and be ready for changes in the way power is managed and charged at UK events.

#2 – Ten Top Tips for Reducing Fuel Bills at Festivals

Reduce your fuels bills by using these ‘Ten Top Tips’ developed with the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF)

#3 – Using Hybrid Power at Events

Powerful Thinking and Firefly have produced this Factsheet to introduce the benefits of hybrid power.

#4 – Communicating Green Energy at Events

Ideas from leading events about communicating energy with your audience from A Greener Festival.

#5 – Biofuels for Festivals

Clear information about the benefits of biofuels and advice for generating power at events, provided by Midas UK

#6 – Five Tips for Smart Energy Contracts

Contracts with providers are a key tool in managing change, improving energy efficiency and achieving fuel cost reductions.

#7 – Roles at a Glance

Roles at A Glance

An easy-to-use reference for how everyone in your organisation could be involved with energy reduction and savings.

#8 – Pros and Cons of Low Carbon Energy Types

Solar and Wind

This factsheet aims to help you see the pros and cons of using different kinds of temporary power sources at events.

#9 – Five Easy Steps to Greener Power at Small Events

The AFO and Powerful Thinking have developed this factsheet to provide inspiration for small events organisers.

#10 – Power Sources on Location

The latest tips for sustainable power on-location for the screen arts, provided by Media Greenhouse and Powerful Thinking

#11 – How Energy Actually Works and Terminology


A summary of phrases, terms and know-how to help us take part in conversations about energy more confidently.

#12 – Smart Grids Explained

This factsheet provides an explanation of what a smart grid is and the benefits of using it a festival or event.

#13 – Grid Power For Festivals

This factsheet looks at the benefits of using a grid connection compared to temporary power, i.e. diesel generators/ hybrid, solar and wind.

#14 – Energy: Frequently Asked Questions

This Factsheet answers questions from UK festival organisers in the annual Industry Green Survey (2014, 2015, 2016)

#15 – Identifying Fuel Wastage

This factsheet identifies the main reasons that fuel is wasted at festival and events to see where and how behavior and practices need to change.

# 16 – Energy Action Plan

This factsheet will help you to create a document that defines your sustainability goals and show how you aim to achieve them over time.

#17 – What to Ask Your Energy Supplier

This factsheet will help festival organisers to choose a new power supplier, or ask energy efficiency questions of an existing supplier.

#18 – Getting Smart with Energy for Stakeholders

This factsheet is intended to give you a some copy to work with when beginning to communicate about energy with your stakeholders.

#19 – Energy Requirements for Concessions

Working Out energy requirements for Concessions

This factsheet has been designed to help you understand the real power requirements for concessions at your event.

#20 – Measuring Generator Loads Resource Pack

Measuring Generator Loads

This factsheet is to help you record the power consumption of your event to make future efficiency savings.

#21 – Advanced Power Monitoring Resource Pack

This factsheet will help you accurately measure and record all types of power consumption in order to calculate your carbon footprint.