#7 – Roles at a Glance

About this fact sheet

This fact sheet, produced in association with Kambe Events, aims to provide festivals with an easy-to-use reference of how everyone in your organisation could be involved and contribute to energy reduction and savings. Management structures at festivals are unique and organic, and role descriptions and titles reflect this. Kambe Events create award winning creative events with sustainability at their core.

Festival Organiser Procurement Manager(s)

Lead by doing – make a commitment to energy reduction:

  • Challenge the culture of ‘you get what you ask for.’
  • Keep nudging your team to ask ‘Do you really need that much power?’
  • Make an action plan or policy with your team/production company to set goals for efficiency. Be ambitious and positive.
  • Assign someone to focus on energy.
  • Share your aims and motivations with all staff and be supportive of their efforts.
  • Introduce some renewable energy into your power mix.

Procurement Manager(s)

Recognise your control over the supply chain – Consider efficiency in contracts:

  • Work with your power contractor to identify where reductions could be made. Reflect this in the contractual arrangements.
  • Ask all contractors to consider their actual requirements. Discuss how they can be reduced or better defined.
  • Consider new ideas like LED festoon or solar lit toilets for remote areas.
  • Share your aims with contractors – show them how energy efficiency benefits both of you.


Be part of the fabric of a green event:

  • Communicate your commitments to artists and agents.
  • Work with artists and agents to reduce tour bus power requirements.
  • Encourage or be aware of Green Riders (Julie’s Bicycle), the industry campaign working with artists to ‘green’ their riders.

Site Manager 

Power makes the magic happen – put it at the heart of your site design:

  • Set up a meeting with creative producers, the procurement manager and the power supplier to discuss how better site design could assist in fuel reductions.
  • Ensure that monitoring takes place at the event, and area for future savings are identified.

Festival Managers /Staff Managers

Live your values – festival staff help reduce demand and change the culture:

  • Make sure each member of staff or volunteer knows your events commitment to sustainability and a few key examples of what you are doing.
  • Show them the easiest ways they can help – switching off lights and using less water.

Other Contractors (e.g. lighting, sound, showers)

Help us do the hard work for you – recognise your role in helping an event to green its operations:

  • Identify periods of low demand to allow for alternative solutions – be open to suggestions.
  • Ask energy managers for advice on reducing the amount of power required for your equipment or service.
  • Include energy in your long-term stock investment plans.

Markets Manager

Use your convening power – work with concessions to accurately assess and reduce requirements:

  • Create a form for traders to list their equipment and supply to the power supplier.
  • Consider developing a pricing structure for power supply, charging slightly more for inefficiency.
  • Ban electric urns in favour of gas.
  • Reward traders who are more efficient or use renewable power through cost savings and a green stall award.

Artistic Producer

Clearly communicate a commitment to energy reduction:

  • Ask for requirements from art projects and venues in advance – ask for what equipment they are using rather than whether they need a 32A or 63A etc.
  • Communicate a commitment to energy reduction in tenders and feedback on proposals.
  • Use creativity to make your audience aware of what you are doing and renewable technology.


Download fact sheet HERE.