Powerful Thinking Guide Goes Dutch with Green Events NL

The Powerful Thinking Guide 2017, launched earlier this year, will be translated into Dutch by Green Events Netherlands and hosted on a new database on sustainability for Dutch festival organisers created by Lab Vlieland. The translation will be announced at the ADE Green conference later this month.

The Guide was first published in 2012 and updated this year to provide event professionals with up-to-date knowledge and practical resources to help manage temporary energy smartly, reducing environmental impacts and fuel bills. It is arranged as a collection of modular resources, factsheets and case studies that are also available online. The edition is European in focus, reflecting both the progress being made across Europe on this topic, and the partners involved with the guide’s content.

“Green Events Nederland is very pleased that we could help to increase the accessibility to the Powerful Thinking guide by translating this valuable resource into the Dutch language.” Green Events NL Paul Schurink