Fact sheets

This series of bite-size fact sheets aims to provide useful advice and resources for anyone involved in working in festivals from organisers to traders.

#1 – Sustainable Energy Tips for Traders

Ideas about how to manage energy better, save costs and be ready for changes in the way power is managed and charged at UK events

#2 – Ten Top Tips for Reducing Fuel Bills at Festivals

Reduce your fuels bills by using these ‘Ten Top Tips’ developed with the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF)

#3 – Using Hybrid Power at Events

Powerful Thinking and Firefly have produced this Factsheet to introduce the benefits of hybrid power.

#4 – Communicating Green Energy at Events

Inspiration and ideas from leading events about communicating energy with your audience from A Greener Festival

#5 – Biofuels for Festivals

Clear information about what biofuels are beneficial, and advise for generating power at events, provided by Midas UK

#6 – Tips for Energy Contracts at Outdoor Events

Contracts with providers are a key tool in managing change, improving energy efficiency and achieving fuel cost reductions.

#7 – Roles at a Glance

An easy-to-use reference for how everyone in your organisation could be involved with energy reduction and savings.

#8 – A Crash Course in Energy Types

Know your power: A crash course in energy types from Julies Bicycle including solar, biofuel and hrybrid

#9 – Five Easy Steps to Greener Power at Small Events

The AFO and Powerful Thinking have developed this factsheet to provide inspiration for small events organisers.

#10 – Power Sources on Location

The latest tips for sustainable power on-location for the screen arts, provided by Media Greenhouse and Powerful Thinking