A Greener Festival Awards back for 2016

In 2015, A Greener Festival took a year out from running the Awards to restructure and create more comprehensive tools for assessing and supporting events. The new awards procedure still includes a festival self-assessment with supporting documentation, but this now reflects the requirements of an Environmental Impact Assessment. Rather than submit a new application each year, repeat applicants will build on their initial assessments, set targets and monitor progress. The unique on site assessment from an AGF environmental auditor will still take place during each event.

A Greener Festival can provide support to help produce Environmental Impact Assessments and other supporting services, but strongly advocate that events have the skills and knowledge in-house to do this themselves. Advice and support about doing this is freely available and Environmental Impact Assessments from other reliable third party sources are also welcomed and accepted.

When A Greener Festival began 10 years ago we were trying to raise awareness about how to reduce the environmental impact of festivals. The new process for the awards goes beyond promoting best practice and events successes, but also helps organisers to understand, plan and improve their entire events sustainability.” Claire O’Neill, Co-Founder of A Greener Festival. Apply for the awards HERE.

If you have a background in sustainable event management and are interested in becoming a trained AGF assessor they are inviting applicants and providing training for the roll. Apply HERE