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Portable Solar Energy by Gaia Group UK

Portable Solar Energy by Gaia Group UK

We love these new portable solar energy products developed for events by Gaia Group UK renewable energy.

The Solatainer® and Solawedge® have been developed to provide an autonomous off-grid power supply, integrating renewable-power and storage with diesel-power back-up to reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions and carbon footprint

Created sustainably from a single-use 20ft ISO shipping container, Solatainer® supports a PV array specified for maximum solar gain and efficiency. When equipped with the Solawedge® the unit is scale-able up to 50kw and in its standard setup comprises of a 4Kw PV array, 6Kw/h battery pack and 6Kw stand-by generator.

During daytime operation the energy created by Solatainer®’s PV solar panels is harvested and stored in an on-board lithium ion battery pack. The standby generator is configured to run only when batteries are depleted below a software-set limit or when a demand spike occurs.

The results are spectacular, reducing fuel costs by 80% when compared to a conventional diesel generator.

Solawedge® is a unique, inflatable mounting system that allows rapid deployment across unprepared land or water. Find out more here and watch the video:


Revolutionary hybrid lighting solution

Air synergy has developed a great new sustainable lighting solution for festivals and events. The Remote Power Unit (RPU) looks and acts like a streetlight but it’s powered by a hybrid wind and solar unit. It also boasts battery storage of up to 3 days meaning it can deliver a 100% reliable supply whatever the weather.

The RPU uses revolutionary technology: a ducted augmented wind turbine (DAWT) system that accelerates the air. This increases the blade rpm and results in an output of 1,200kwh secure power per Annum (based on a 5 m/s average wind-speed site). The system also enables the turbine to ‘cut in’ sooner and quickly increase power output at low wind speeds. This is a critical feature means a higher battery voltage, more powerful and reliable lighting as well as improved battery life.

Find out more http://airsynergy.ie/rpu/