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Talking Events: Powerful Thinking Podcast

Chris Johnson, Chair of Powerful Thinking, met with William Richardson, Environmental Consultant at Green Element, to discuss the current thinking around reducing the environmental impact of sporting events such as The Ryder Cup. The Event Industry News podcast was hosted by Graham Brown M.D. at Plaster PR, as part of their Talking Events series.

“We are largely numb as a human population to the fact that the Earth, our life support system, is on the verge of ecological collapse… That sense of urgency that we actually need to do something is still lacking in business sectors. We’ve watched two decades of international politicians achieving nothing; we can’t just look to our political leaders or even leaders in most business sectors to create this change. I urge every person listening to this podcast, in their daily lives, every person with decision making in their business, we have to do this now… “

Download the full podcasts here:

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