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Industry Green Survey Results are in!

Industry Green Survey: The results are in!

Thank you to all the festivals that took the Powerful Thinking 2016 Industry Green Survey. The results allow us (the industry) to chart progress and identify shifts in industry practices, which will help to shape our resources and research to meet current needs within the festival industry.

The headlines:

  • 71 UK festivals were represented, a 50% increase compared to 2015.
  • Around half of festivals taking the survey are now using LED festoon lighting.
  • Around half are also measuring energy and fuel consumption, significantly more than 2015.
  • One in five festival have introduced a role in their organisation focused on sustainability within the last year.
  • Over 50 festivals have signed the Festival Vision:2025 pledge, 9 out of 10 whom say, “they have been inspired or encouraged to take action,” as a result of being part of the initiative.
  • The survey data from this year shows a real focus (and frustration) amongst event organisers about best practice guidance in sustainable waste management, and the options available in the supply chain.

In future, information from Vision:2025 events will be analysed (anonymously) to gain a greater understanding of trends in emissions, energy efficiency and waste management, using data generated by using online tools such as the Julie’s Bicycle Creative IG Tool. To participate in Powerful Thinking’s research and vision for a more sustainable future for festivals visit: www.festivalvision2025.net

Photo credit: Lousie Roberts courtesy of Shambala Festival