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Is pay-per-use the future of trader-energy at festivals?

In 2017, Shambala festival worked with energy expert Sid Rogerson (Entersys) to monitor the power use of 40 concessions onsite, with the intention of using data collected to inform the development of a pay-per-use model for trader energy.

The festival has used the information to establish an average total kWhs for users, to identify concessions using significantly above average energy, and those that are very efficient.

Using overall fuel consumption figures and energy equipment and service costs, they have developed a cost per kWh. Chris Johnson, Operations Director says: “Rather than simplistic fee for the size of feed (16A, 32A etc.) which can have little bearing on actual kWhs used, we will establish a standing charge and tariffs so that lower energy users are charged comparatively less (per kWh) and higher users will find themselves with a cost incentive to consider energy efficiency.”