Power Logistics to provide monitoring equipment for all 2019 projects

Power Logistics, one of the event power providers on Powerful Thinking’s Sustainable Power Supplier List, has announced that all projects the company undertakes in 2019 will be supplied with power monitoring equipment and a post-show energy breakdown report. This will be the lead element in the portfolio of sustainable initiatives the company undertakes this year. 

Installing power monitoring equipment at every event site during 2019 will allow Power Logistics to give event clients real-time knowledge and data regarding their energy consumption. Monitoring will be ‘live’ during events and adjustments made where necessary. Once the event comes to an end, the data collected will be used to produce a report that provides event organisers with a breakdown of their energy usage. Analysis of this data will help drive increased power, fuel and cost efficiencies. 

Mike Whitehouse, Power Logistics’ managing director explains: “Offering an effective power monitoring solution to clients has been a key objective for the last few years. Having real-time information on energy usage across all areas of an event site is a powerful tool for event organisers.” 

Power monitoring has been proven to have a positive impact on an event’s carbon footprint; reducing fuel consumption and often the number and size of generators required onsite, which in turn leads to savings on fuel bills.  

See the full Power Logistics Sustainable Supplier Profile here or on their website: www.powerlog.co.uk