‘Pee Power’ UWE project at Glastonbury Festival

This year Glastonbury Festival used ‘Pee Power’ urinals developed by The University of the West of England (UWE) to create electricity that powered a mobile phone charging station, internal lighting and information panels onsite. The project is part of 5-year partnership between Glastonbury Festival and UWE in which they will work together on waste reduction and energy efficiency as well as showcasing the Pee Power technology in advance of trials in refugee camps and schools in developing countries.

Pee Power works via stacks of microbial fuel cells that use urine as a fuel for direct electricity generation. Teams of scientists were onsite at Glastonbury Festival to explain the technology and engage visitiors with the project. UWE students were also onsite to research energy efficiency measures in collaboration with festival power providers, stage production teams and mobile traders.

Learn more about the Pee Power project HERE.