Julie’s Bicycle Powering Change Workshop

Julie’s Bicycle are hosting a half-day workshop in Bristol to explore the role of culture in transitioning to a sustainable society, through the prism of collaboration, creativity and new business models.

Discussion will focus on energy, partnerships, the legacy of the recent Bristol Green Capital year (2015), and how creative solutions and experiences shift thinking and values.

Speakers will include George Ferguson Mayor of Bristol, Ali Robertson of Tobacco Factory Theatres, Alex Orme of Good Energy, Wren Aigaki-Lander, Joon Lynn Goh of In Between Time, and Gary Topp from Bristol Green Capital Partnership.

The event is free and held at the Tobacco Factory, Bristol on Friday 19 February, 10am – 2.30pm with a networking lunch from 1.30pm – 2.30pm.

Full details and to book HERE.