Festival Vision:2025 crowdfunder hits 25k goal in just 3 weeks and extends targets…

YOU DID IT! The Festival Vision:2025 Crowdfunder target of 25k has been reached after just 3 weeks and raised to 35k with funding time extended to broaden the reach of the campaign

The Festival Vision:2025 crowdfunding campaign, launched by not-for-profit group Powerful Thinking, to support the UK Live Events Industry in providing leadership and action on climate change, has met the targetwith just days to go; the new goal of an additional 10k will fund active support for events, and the extension to keep the campaign open until the 17thJuly provides an opportunity for even more people in the industry to be part of this ground-breaking project.

Reaching the initial funding means that Powerful Thinking will launch an updated Show Must Go On report to support the UK festival industry to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2025 with Vision:2025 in the key areas of energy, resource management, water, food & drink, travel & transport and governance.  

The extended target, aiming to raise an extra 10k, will allow the Powerful Thinking steering group to develop and deliver a comprehensive and active program of support in 2020 to all festivals signed up to the Festival Vision: 2025, and to build a dedicated website for the Vision:2025 campaign, providing a ‘knowledge hub’ for sustainable events, available to anyone in the industry.

Significant support has already come from Finnish company, Nordic Wristbands and Festival Republic and headliner sponsors including GL Events, From the Fields, The Showman’s Show, SANI, Enviral, Playpass, Event Buyers Live, Bioglitter™, The Event Safety Shop and The Ticket Sellers. Festivals are also funding the project with support pledged by Hay, Greenman, Shambala, Boomtown, Reading, Latitude, Fire in the Mountain, Bluedot, Kendal Calling and Greenbelt. 

“We believe that there’s immense value in doing better, both as a company and as an industry. That’s why we were so keen to support the Festival Vision: 2025 campaign.” Rachel Baker, GL events UK Group Marketing Manager

Visit the Festival Vision: 2025 Crowdfunder to get involved, and help make the vision happen: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/festivalvision2025