AFO tackle power

Powerful Thinking presented on a panel at the AFO conference (16th November), alongside George Dickson from Agrekko Events Team and Mike Boden of Temporary Power. The session focussed on how organisers can cut the cost of power and the panel struggled to find areas to disagree, with all advocating that better information in advance, long term relationships and more knowledge about power all round would deliver savings, and is easily achievable. Easy wins such as LED festoon, smaller generators during long builds and better power specs from lighting companies were suggested.

This session marks the beginning of the relationship between  Powerful Thinking (PT) and the AFO as a new PT steering group member, and the development of an Energy  Factsheet with the AFO’s 187 festival  members  titled ‘Green Energy for Small Events’. This Factsheet is part of an emerging series of 10 Factsheets being produced. To see the Fact sheets produced so far click HERE.