Tangent Energy

Tangent Energy provides a range of power generation, energy storage, distribution and management services and equipment. They have an experienced team of power engineers with 10 years product design, manufacture and field experience and have helped saved the event industry over 10,000,000 litres of fuel during this time.

The entire Tangent fleet is fitted with cloud connected monitoring devices enabling remote control and analysis.  The fleet includes:

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate based Compact Energy Storage Systems ranging in capacity from 50kWh to 500kWh
  • Containerised Hybrid Energy Systems incorporating diesel generator and energy storage ranging in size from 60kVA to 300kVA
  • Intelligent Power Distribution Boards, which allow control of individual circuits remotely
  • Air Quality Monitoring Equipment
  • Energy Monitoring Equipment with remote access

Tangent employs a range of strategies to manage base loads including generator backed up energy storage, load on demand generators, full hybrid systems with solar PV, Diesel generator and Energy Storage. Load on Demand and synchronised sets can be provided where appropriate from 60kVA upwards. The most efficient solution will be selected on a case-by-case basis.

Tangent Energy offer real-time monitoring and they have kWh meters integrated into all energy storage systems and intelligent distribution boxes. These are linked to their proprietary energy control module ‘Node ECM’ and in turn reported to their proprietary cloud based energy management software ‘Prism EMS’. The available data from any connected devices such as diesel generators and air quality monitoring equipment is also recorded via RS485 communication. This includes data such as fuel tank level, fuel used per kWh of production, PM10 and NOx levels and much more.

Environmental Profile:

Tangent Energy work with UK charity Energy Revolution to balance their travel to events with investment in projects that create clean renewable energy.

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