Smart Power Ltd

SMART Power is a dedicated event power company specialising in helping clients reduce their fuel usage & associated CO2e emissions. They provide full serviced technical hires, including generator hire, electrical system designs, fuel management, distribution, site & decorative outdoor lighting, electrical crew & solar. Founder Tim Benson is also an energy & environmental consultant with ZAP Concepts.

Smart Power provide rental spec generators that run on both diesel & biofuels with onboard telemetry. ¬†They have extensive experience in the deployment of both hybrid power systems & sync’ed generators in a by load demand configuration to manage base loads.

They monitor generator performance during build and break phases of an event and monitor and record real-time power consumption through a mixture of strategies including telemetry, external monitoring at a distro level & data stored in the DSE panels.

They supply a post-event report which includes: Fuel consumption; Generator running hours, kWhs produced per litre of fuel consumed and CO2 reductions. As part of their report they work with clients to set fuel reduction targets for the following year.


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