Power Logistics

Power Logistics is a global leader in the provision of temporary events power. Their customer focused service and well respected track record spans two decades. Sustainable solutions and reducing their impact on the environment are key to ensuring their business is both efficient and cost effective for our clients.

Find out how Power Logistics worked with AEG Live on Barclycard presents British Summer Time in Hyde Park to reduce fuel usage by 25% in 2019  here.

They have a comprehensive range of more than 50 generators from 30 kVA to 500 kVA. They always look to provide the correct size generators for an event and continuously monitor loads and timings. They have a bespoke power management solution which allows generators to be synchronised in pairs, trios, fours, fives etc. Generators then supply the minimum requirement always but are programmed to turn themselves on or off, depending on the increases or decreases in load. This enables the generators to be operated on a power by demand system.

They operate with a target base load and build up from there ensuring there is enough contingency headroom in place.

They monitor power consumption throughout an event site, from main stages to catering areas. We create a log that provides the site team with detailed information about power consumption and fuel usage in any areas that power is used. They have invested in specialist monitoring equipment, which can be fitted to the relevant equipment. Having real-time information ensures that organisers have a much clearer picture of what is needed for future event events.

They have also invested in some remote telemetry equipment for longer hire projects, allowing them to monitor how much power generators are pulling and fuel used from a laptop or tablet no matter where they are in the country.

They offer to share all data with clients as part of the contract and give advice on future performance savings year on year. They report on fuel consumption; generator running hours; kWhs produced per litre of fuel consumed.

Environmental Profile:

1.) Reduce transport costs
2.) Manage fuel usage
3.) Use LEDs wherever possible
4.) Deliver the best power management solutions to reduce fuels bills and save energy
5.) Work closely and carefully with our supply partners to ensure minimal delivery journeys and maximum vehicle utilisation
6.) Work closely with suppliers, carefully calculating transport and logistics plans and fuel consumption

They have carried out an independent evaluation of our office building to see where sustainability could be improved. They now use eco-friendly bulbs and have automatic sensor lighting; working towards becoming a paperless office, have installed a workshop heater which runs on used oil, reduced mains water usage by changing to on demand urinal flushing systems, provide recycling bins, and use harvested rainwater and biodegradable detergents to clean equipment.
Working towards being a carbon neutral company has become part of the company’s ethos with all members of the team taking an active role in sustainable initiatives.

Team members started a staff garden earlier this year, signing up to the Royal Horticultural Society’s Greening Grey Britain campaign. Following on from this member of the Power Logistics team entered this year’s Peas are Green competition, the initiative by Grow It Yourself and soup makers Cully Sully which aims to encourage 500 companies in Ireland and the UK to grow their own food in their workplaces this summer.

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