Pearce Hire

Pearce Hire provide power generation, distribution systems, site and architectural lighting for a diverse range of events in any location. We specialise events and have over 30 year’s experience in providing power for all event situations. NICEIC approved contractors. We continually strive to provide realistic environmentally friendly power solutions.

We can supply all sizes of generators but our in-house fleet consists of F&G Wilson XD100 and XD60 generators all with full synchronisation and power sharing. Our smaller sets are Stephill 25kva. The 100kva and 60kva generators can be synchronised together. All of our generators have built-in distribution, which quite often removes the need for additional distribution onsite. All generators are fully bunded and are tier III emission compliant. We also offer low energy lighting solutions and sensor controlled lighting.

We are currently evaluating an on board monitoring system for all our generators that will be able to supply all real-time information remotely to either a laptop or mobile phone, we aiming to have this system fully installed for the 2018 season. We agree to share data with our clients as part of our contract and offer recommendations to improve the efficiency of future shows.

All of our XD generators can be set up on a ‘load demand’ system which we use very often. For instance on a market type event if we have a requirement for a 300kva set up we would supply 4 x 100kva generators and 1 x 60kva generator linked together, the 60kva would provide the site build up requirements and minimal overnight power then as the load demand increases the 100kva’s will turn on automatically as required (usually when the preceding generator has reached 75-90% of its load capacity) when the 3 x 100kva generators are running the 60kva can be switched off, then as the load reduces the system works in reverse and each generator switches off in turn leaving only the 60kva on to service minimal power requirements such as security lighting, offices and fridges etc. The 4th 100kva generator is there for back up (33% redundancy) should we have an issue with one of the other sets we can then switch one off for maintenance or servicing hence avoiding any power interruptions.

Environmental Profile:

We operate separate recycling bins and collections for all day to day waste paper, plastics etc. All metals steel, copper, aluminium etc are separated and sent to the local scrap yard along with any batteries for re-cycling. All waste oil and used engine filters are collected by an external contractor for recycling. All used lamps are collected in a designated storage area and returned to the wholesalers for recycling as part of the WEEE directive. All used office equipment and computers etc are sent to the local authority recycling centre for possible re-use. Building wise we have fully double insulated our offices. Where practical all lighting is controlled by motion sensors and we are in the process of converting all premises lighting to LED with over 50% now converted and the remaining to be completed by 2018.

WVO HVO Green D+ Hybrid Solar LED lighting LED Festoon LED Tower Lights Synched sets Monitoring Reporting -
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