Paragon Power Services Ltd

Paragon Power Services provide temporary power for all sizes of events from small markets to large music festivals. We provide a turnkey service with experienced electricians and crew.

Paragon have a fleet of new generators ranging in size from 20KVA – 350KVA. Their generators are all Tier III compliant and sets from 100KVA and above have synchronising and load sharing facilities.

Paragon work with their client’s event concessions to find out what their actual requirement is not just what connector size they need. They use the minimum amount of generators onsite and employ more cable and distribution to use the maximum efficiency of each generator. They can supply Festoon Tower Lights, Flood Lights and Flouros.

They record and monitor in real time using a USB stick in the generator panel or with a power analyser that clamps onto cables up to 2000A to monitor larger loads.

As part of their contract they formally agree to share all power data with clients and make recommendations for reductions year on year.


WVO HVO Green D+ Hybrid Solar LED lighting LED Festoon LED Tower Lights Synched sets Monitoring Reporting -
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