Innovation Power Ltd

Profile: Innovation Power are one of the oldest event power distribution companies, starting in 1980, in recent years we have invested heavily in LED lighting including replacing 20km of festoon with LED. Our transport system is highly efficient with our Artic trailers converting into sleeping accommodation once emptied.

Rental Fleet: We use a national network of reputable smaller local suppliers and larger national companies, where possible we use the nearest suppler to the job to keep transport down to an absolute minimum.

Managing Generator Base Loads: Depending on what you are powering, our first step would be to check you were using the correct sized generator for the job, if you have a generator which will run at low load during build and then a much higher load as the event starts look at using a smaller generator and then moving a lager generator in later, if generator loads fluctuate over a 24 hour period the use of a synchronised load demand system or by bringing in a HPG for smaller systems.

Monitoring, recording & recommendations: We can monitor generator performance during the build & break phases of an event and we also can do sample readings at various times of the day. We can offer real-time power consumption for limited supplies. We are happy to share data with our clients and make recommendations for year on year performance improvement on fuel consumption and generator running hours. We always advise our clients on efficiency and keep them up to date with the the latest technologies for reducing emissions.

Environmental Profile:

Innovation Power have invested heavily in LED lighting, their transport system is highly efficient. They monitor and record generator performance and offer recommendations for performance improvement year on year.

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