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Strawberry Fields

Powerful Thinking Begin Work in China with ModernSky

Powerful Thinking are in conversations to form a partnership with major Chinese entertainment company Modern Sky, which manages over 40 festivals. The first steps are focused on strategy, policy and monitoring. An official partnership is expected to be announced at a press launch on December 14th in Beijing.

In a first practical step, ZAP Concepts, Powerful Thinking steering group member and event sustainability consultant, was asked to provide an onsite energy scan for ModernSky’s Strawberry Festival on Hainan Island, with a view to developing an energy efficiency action plan that the organisers can apply across their full portfolio of festivals in China.

ZAP consultant, Tim Benson gathered data for the build, show & de-rig days, working alongside the ModernSky team and their local crew. Energy loggers were installed on the 4 x 1000kV grid feeds across the site & a full kit inventory was documented, including peak & nominal loads, to assess the festival’s onsite energy consumption and the festival’s technical production.

The collaboration was a success & ModernSky are now considering a further onsite energy scan next year for their flagship festival Super Strawberry in Shanghai.

UK festivals get Drastic on Plastic

UK Festivals Get ‘Drastic on Plastic’

AIF launches ‘Drastic On Plastic’ campaign, with over 60 festival websites ‘wrapped in plastic’ on Earth Day, 22ndApril.

Organisers of more than 60 independent festivals across the UK, many of them Vision: 2025 Festivals,  have committed to banning the use of plastic straws on-site this season as a minimum first step – and eliminating all single-use plastic at their events by 2021.

The core message of the campaign is re-use not single-use. From the plastic-wrapped festival homepages, customers will be able to pre-order limited edition ‘Drastic On Plastic’ metal water bottles, immediately taking action to reduce the use of disposable materials

This is the beginning of a firm commitment from the wider festival industry, with positive talks underway with various festival membership organisations in the UK and across Europe, with the aim of engaging hundreds more festivals to commit by the end of 2018.

38.5 million plastic bottles are used in the UK every day and 91% of that plastic is not recyclable. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, by 2050, it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

AIF CEO Paul Reed said: “It is encouraging and inspiring that so many AIF members have taken this initiative and pledge on-board without hesitation and are taking a collective stand against single-use plastic. This is one of the most critical issues facing our businesses and wider society. By working together as an industry and taking affirmative action, we can make a tangible difference.”

Co-founder of Bestival and AIF Rob da Bank said: “Unless you’ve been living on the moon, you’ll know the plastic problem is not going away. I’m very proud that the organisation we started with five members 10 years ago now boasts over 60 who have all signed up to eradicate single use plastic in the next couple of years. This is exactly the sort of work the AIF needs to be doing – leading the global charge against essentially unnecessary plastic at all our festivals.”

Melinda Watson, founder of RAW, said: “Plastic pollution has been described as ‘the apocalyptic twin of climate change’. We need to take urgent action on this critical issue. Recycling is important, but it is far from the solution. Many of our impacts are embodied in the materials we use. We will build on work we have done with Glastonbury and Shambala,  working with the festival industry to radically change our relationship to our ‘plastic stuff’.”

Chris Johnson, Co-founder and Operations Director of Shambala Festival, and Chair of Powerful Thinking added:“There’s loads that festivals can do to design out disposable plastics such adopting reusable cups, banning drinks sales in plastic and encouraging festival goers to bring re-fillable water bottles. Festivals inspire change in people, so we just need to take the steps collectively and create the new normal – a better normal.”

Festivals can sign the pledge and download resources to help in their commitment at the Association of Independent Festivals website.

Event Sustainability Blog

Sustainable Events Blog

Event Management students at Gloucester University have written blogs exploring sustainability at events as part of their Responsible Events module.

Topics include how managers can make travel more sustainable, how to use less water, providing sustainable food, the problems and solutions in managing and recycling event waste, and where the responsibility of creating a green festivals lies; with the organiser or the audience.

It is heartening to see the Event Managers of the future prioritizing environmental responsibility and the blogs make a fascinating and informative read with up to date facts, figures and case studies: https://eventsglos.wordpress.com/our-contributors/

You can also keep up to date with new ideas and research by following the students on Twitter: @eventsglos