Find out your event’s energy rating and compare it to industry averages in less than a minute

Powerful Thinking - Fuel Tool

Welcome to the Festival Fuel Tool. This simple tool will rate the fuel consumption of your event and compare it with industry benchmarks. It is intended as a guide – all events are unique and there may be good reasons for differences. However, research indicates that that most UK events could save up to a third on fuel bills. We hope your results inspire conversations to improve performance, save energy costs, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Your data is completely anonymous and will not be shared with any third party. By using this tool you are contributing to aggregate data which will be used to improve industry benchmarks for environmental reporting to chart the industry’s progress. Your data is being collected and stored in accordance with the data protection act by Julies Bicycle on behalf of the industry group, Powerful Thinking. Only Julies Bicycle have access to the data entries for the purpose of aggregation, regardless of which website the Fuel Tool is hosted. Any party beyond Julies Bicycle only has access to published, anonymised, aggregate data.